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New week..New Do Part 2

So we tried again this week with a new do! I wanted to rock a fro, but I know how my hair will turn out, so instead I decided to do a fro’hawk,… Continue reading

Hair Disastuh!

So my hair started off nice and pretty..but by Thursday it was this… So after a couple of days of playing, sleeping without my hair scarf on and having  a blast at Nana… Continue reading

Hair Product Nightmare–from a 9 year old

    These are currently SOME of the products we have in the house right now. And I don’t know about anyone else, but after hearing my dad call my mom a product… Continue reading

Evolution of a Fro

I have to admit, I don’t see a lot of kids my age who are natural. And after talking with some of my friends at school, it’s because their mom’s feel that it… Continue reading

Itty bitty, two strand twisties!

So this is day 4 of my two strand twist. I think they still look good. I actually remembered to tie up my hair last night, so that’s probably why they still look… Continue reading

Two Strand Twist Part 2

As you can see, we tried to jazz up her two strand twist with a little curl on the end by using these curl formers by Goody. For the most part they worked pretty… Continue reading

Two Strand Twist Pt 1

We started off washing sunshine’s hair with Suave Naturals Almond shampoo. To make sure it was detangled completely we us Aussie Kid’s Detangling Spray. Because her hair has a tendency to be pretty… Continue reading

I’m only 9

I go back to school tomorrow. I started thinking that hey I will be 10 this year and well I never have any free time! I am always always doing something! Sometimes I… Continue reading

Kids, exercise & Bikram

I have to say, one of my favorite things to do, is go and do Bikram Yoga with Mom and Dad. If you haven’t heard of it before its basically hot yoga..they heat… Continue reading

Saturday morning…wash’n’go part two

Well worked a little better this time. But I didn’t do a full picture of it, because I still don’t really like how it turned out. I am thinking of just having two… Continue reading