About Sunshine


My name is Sunshine..well my nickname is. My great-grandma gave it to me when I was little. I wanted to blog about things kids my age like, clothes, makeup (you know the dollar stuff that makes us feel like big girls), hair, music everything! I really wanted to do a blog on natural hair simply because I think kids my age who are natural, don’t really get to express OUR frustration with our hair, and the process. So here we are. Mom and I will be blogging about what I am going through with my hair, trying to get it to grow, styling it, managing it, my not tying my hair up at night like I am supposed to and getting fussed at for letting it sweat out and mom having to pull of a hair miracle before I have to be at school and her and dad at work…all of those things I deal with on a weekly basis.  So this is me, my story, and my curls!


IMAG1886Hi all! I am Mom! I will be supporting Sunshine while she does her blogging. I just ask that all responses stay positive since she is a little girl! We are a very busy family, but I think this is a great way for her to let out all of that creativity energy she has floating around in that tiny body of hers! Hair wise, yes we need help! So any suggestions, directions to youtube vids would be great. You would think after 9 years of being a mom I would have learned how to braid or something..but nope. But I really want to just encourage her in this process. So thanks to everyone that comments and follows in advance!

~Mrs.  B.~