Lupita..Lupita..and MORE LUPITA!



I can’t find enough words to say about this beautiful lady. Mom showed me her Essence speech will I will link or post at the bottom. She has made me love my beautiful chococlate skin without fail. I cried as I watched her accept her award last night, and I just could not believe how someone like me was on tv. Like most little girls it is my dream to be famous. I have had a really hard time over the years with ballet, because I always felt that I wasn’t good enough due to how dark my skin is. Even though Misty Copeland is my favorite dancer and very beautiful, I always felt that because she was lighter than me I would never be as successful of a ballerina as her. This has shown me otherwise. I don’t think it will ever easy to reach stardom, but now I feel like a girl like me has hope.

Now on to her fashion!

I used the collage mom and found to show off some of her beautiful looks, because I would be posting all night long if I did each one separate and I cant pick just one or two, because she is so pretty! All of the colors that she wears compliment her skin so beautifully. I used to have people tell me I would not look good in some of the same colors that she would wear, but now I know that’s not true at all!


lupita-nyongo-300x400 lupita-nyongo-elle-1 Lupita-Nyongo-Vanity-Fair-Magazine-January-2014-BellaNaija










As promised, here is her beautiful speech Oscar Nominee Lupita Nyong’o Speech on Black Beauty