My Black is Beautiful! Pt I

*Most of this will be written by mom with Sunshine sitting next to me and adding in her thoughts*

A while back my mom and I talked about what I think it means to be beautiful. One day I was a having a really rough time at school,

 and I didn’t feel like I was pretty.  I understand that kids can be mean, and now it doesn’t bother like it did a few  months ago. But as a little girl we always want to feel beautiful (and accepted).  Sometimes it is hard to understand why people treat us bad or pick on us. But like my mom explained to me, some people are really just mean. She told me people will always find ways to make you feel bad, whether its your hair, your skin color, your teeth, your clothes; there are just people out there who are not happy and who don’t know any better. 

She told me that there are lots of beautiful dark skin women all over the world and that I just needed to have the confidence I need to know that, and remember it every day. So we came up with the idea of doing a “my black is beautiful” post every week. We have already chosen a few people, who have the confidence, and who literally just shine bright and its wonderful.




So the first one I chose is Coco Jones. It just so happens that she is from my hometown. She has become one of my favorite singers and actresses since I saw her in the Disney movie “Let it Shine” last year.  I find her really inspiring, not only because she is from here, but I like seeing kids being able to live out their dreams, and doing things that a lot of us only get to dream about.

I really hope that over the next few weeks as we do this people find it encouraging, and I hope little girls over the world learn that they are beautiful no matter what!