Hair Product Nightmare–from a 9 year old




These are currently SOME of the products we have in the house right now. And I don’t know about anyone else, but

after hearing my dad call my mom a product junkie and having her explain what that is I have to agree. So far for my hair I use As I Am, Curls and Carol’s Daughter. Because nothing else really works. Last week, i did really well with moisturizing my hair daily-I used the Curls Kids spray and a little bit of Carols Daughter hair milk (which is almost gone, because my baby sister has to use it also).

I was watching a YouTube Video ( I forgot who it was) but they were trying a bunch of products and I saw where she went through a lot of different ones before she got the results that she wanted. I suggested it, but my mom says I don’t have a job, so th

at is not really going to happen for me unless we have a lot of time and extra money on our hands.

But we did leave Whole Foods today with some different oil and things she said that I can try on my hair, so i am actually excited to see how that will work .

Until Tomorrow everyone, have a good weekend!