Two Strand Twist Part 2

As you can see, we tried to jazz up her two strand twist with a little curl on the end by using these curl formers by Goody. For the most part they worked pretty well…once I figured out which one’s to use. Now I am not completely incompetent, But, yes these are the first time I have used them. Actually I only saw them on youtube a few days ago and decided to try them out. Once I got the hang of it we were able to keep moving. I only put a few in sparsely. Since I wasn’t quite sure how they were going to turn out. We let them sit in her hair for several hours (about 6 to be exact) and then I took them out. As you  an see in the the second picture below, they actually did what I needed them to–so yay!. Because I am obviously a few days behind in this, I probably wont post the next day finish product for a few days. Overall this has been pretty cool for us to do. Sunshine really enjoyed us just sitting and talking and watching Netflix while doing her hair!

Till Next Time


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