Two Strand Twist Pt 1

IMG_3741 We started off washing sunshine’s hair with Suave Naturals Almond shampoo. To make sure it was detangled completely we us Aussie Kid’s Detangling Spray. Because her hair has a tendency to be pretty course, I made sure to keep a  little bit of H2O in a water bottle next to me. I didn’t take the time to section her hair carefully into perfect little rows; simply because when the twistout is done, she wants to go for a certain look. But I did however, make sure they were at least pretty even.  It really didn’t take long to twist her hair once I got started–an hour at the most. Which is actually a record. The Aussie Kid’s detangling spray worked very well with her hair. Versus using the Just for me Detangling Spray, which actually did nothing for her hair.

IMG_3742 I did use clips to separate her hair as I was doing it, just to make it easier on myself while twisting. There really is not much to this. Sunshine was a very good sport about this (which I am very thankful for). Part Two will be up in a few days and we will talk about the finish product and how we jazzed it up! IMG_3743