I’m only 9

IMAG2731I go back to school tomorrow. I started thinking that hey I will be 10 this year and well I never have any free time! I am always always doing something! Sometimes I just want to lay in the bed and chill out, but I can’t 😦 I asked my mom if we could just take a day and relax instead of going to church and of course she said no. Yoga was great. I really loved it and I see why mom likes to go because it does help her relax. On the way home she and I were talking and I was asking her when she was little what did she want to be when got older. She said a doctor ( and she still does, she said she wan’t to go back to school when we get older).  It’s weird because I asked her


why didn’t she become one instead of waiting.  She told me just because you spend your life wanting to do something that doesn’t mean things will always work out as planned. Sometimes there is a curve ball thrown at you and you just have make a slight detour before you get back on track *mom typed that last part since sunshine couldn’t explain what I told her in my exact words* It’s not easy being a kid, it’s not easy being an adult. What I really enjoyed hearing from her was that it’s just important to take time and enjoy life, no matter how busy you are. She said I should cherish every moment, every memory that I am making now.

Even though I started today really tired from cleaning my room yesterday and playing, I have to say, I am glad that I got to spend that time just riding and talking with my mom. And even though I am only 9 I realize that it’s never to early to stop and smell the roses!

Most of this post was written by mom (with sunshine’s help)..because she is only 9 and well she hasn’t had enough time to learn how to really put into the correct words what I was telling her!