My 1st Wash’n’Go Fail! But I at least my outfit is cute!

IMG_3727  So we had to wake up early Friday morning in a rush. And I tried to do a quick wash-n-go on my own..but it didn’t turn out too well. As you can tell. I thought I did everything right; I tried the LOC method I found on Youtube. I have been using various products in my hair: Jamaican Black CO, Taliah Waajid Curl Sealer, and Kinky Curly leave in conditioner. Pretty much what mom uses. As you can see, it didn’t seem to work to well with my hair. We go back to school in two days and I was really hoping to have a pretty good regimen with my hair.. but I don’t think that is going to happen.

At least my outfit looks cute.

It’s from the D-Signed Collection-Ant Farm (the head band was from D-Signed also but I have had it for a years I think it was the Sunny With a Chance or Wizards Collection). I was so excited because it’s exactly what she wore in the music video, and I thought that was pretty cool. My shoes however, are my favorite. Michael Kors. Mom said if I real good I could get a pair for Christmas and sure enough I did! So I was really excited when I opened the box!

We really need some suggestions with the hair? Mom and I have watched TONS of youtube videos and nothing really seems to be working. We have a very busy schedule so I am looking for go to styles that can help me learn to do my hair, that way mom won’t run around crazy.