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My big pageant win!

My big pageant win!

It may be hard to believe, but even kids my age are pressured into not wearing their natural hair.  I love wearing my hair the way it is, but sometimes I want to wear my hair straight and watch it blow in the wind like my friends *insert frown from mom*. It’s really hard but I have learned that we are all different, and we all have different personal styles. Some parents want their kids hair to be relaxed, some don’t. And it’s okay.

Me and mom surf pinterest quite often looking for styles that I can wear and that she can easily do (mom can’t braid..shhhh!). And it’s fun picking them out with her.  Wearing braids is my favorite, but I am starting not liking wearing weave anymore! They hurt-which I learned is not a good thing, and they take way too long to put in. So I have started wearing other styles like French Braids (which I will post a pic soon), and cornrolls with my hair.

I have decided (with the help of my mom of course), that I wll do a 365 hair story.  I want to share my story as a 9 year old with natural hair, and what it is that I go through.  And with the holidays coming up, I am excited about being able to try out some new styles before I head back to school! So i really hope everyone follows my story as i work on this natural state of mine!


We would love tips and advice from other naturals out there. Being that I am natural myself, I love to learn new things; whether it be trends, styles, new products, I want to try it all so that we can figure out what works best for sunshine! Thanks to everyone who is reading and please leave any positive feedback you may have!

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